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With human resource and payroll compliance issues being more and more a concern, it seems a good time to review New Hire Packet forms and what should be included.  As soon as you have hired a new employee, a legal relationship has begun.  It is much easier to get all of the required new employee forms and paperwork handled before that new employee ever begins work, and as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we’re here to help!  Typically these new hire packet forms are taken care of on a new employee’s first day of work.

The New Hire Packet Forms You Need

The following is a list of typical documents included in the new hire packet with some explanation:

Employment Application or New Employee Record Sheet

Many times an applicant will have given you a resume with their job history.  When this happens it is o.k. to ask a new employee to complete the application or new employee record sheet as it will typically have statements that the new hire will sign stating that everything on the application is true.  It may even have a place for the new employee to authorize a background check.  Don’t eliminate the application based on having the resume.  Sometimes I have had the new employee write “see attached resume” in the job history section so they don’t have to write that again.

I-9 Federal Tax Form

This is a required form for all new employees in the country.  They will complete the top section and show you the forms of identification necessary to prove their eligibility.  You will complete the employer section.

Download the New Hire Pocket Guide here.

W4 Federal Tax Forms and Any Required State Withholding Forms

The withholding forms tell the human resource and payroll department/system how much to withhold for taxes on the employee’s check.  It is very important that the employee be given this opportunity.  It is also very important that you not give tax advice at this point.  If the employee does not correctly complete the form, the payroll department should withhold as if the employee is single with zero exemptions until the employee submits a valid withholding form.

Notice of Workers Compensation

Some states require you to tell your employees what to do in the event of a workers’ compensation claim.

Consent for Background Checks

The new hire packet may have some consent language on the application and may still need to have a consent form for specific background checks.  Make sure any background checks you do are related to the job they do.

Receipt for Handbook

Does your company have employee handbooks or policies that the new employee will receive?  In those cases, it is a good idea to have a receipt of employee handbook acknowledgement form in the new hire packet.

Drug Policy

Some new employee packets contain drug policy information and acknowledgement forms consenting to that policy.

Benefits Forms

Benefit information and election forms are typically a part of the new hire packet.  It may be that the employee would take the information home to review and submit later.  If that is the case, a good tracking system is helpful to ensure you receive these new hire forms back in a timely fashion.

Direct Deposit

If your company offers direct deposit of payroll, the authorization form should be included in the new hire packet.  It will have a place for the employee to designate which accounts and the percentages or dollar amounts for each of those accounts.

Employee Savings Plans

Some companies offer employee savings plans or clubs like Christmas Savings Clubs or Vacation Savings Clubs.  If your company offers these employee savings plans, make sure to include the enrollment forms in the new hire packet.

Non-Compete Agreement

Lots of companies have non-compete or non-solicit agreements that employees are required to agree to.  Find out which is more typically upheld in the courts in your state to know which to use.

There could be various other company policies that would require authorizations from a new hire.  When building your new hire packet, review your policies and handbooks as well as your industry standards to ensure a complete packet.  As a client of a PEO, you are ahead of the curve as that is included in the service we provide.  We’d love to help you ensure your new hire packet is compliant and complete.  Give us a call to get the ball rolling.


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