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What makes us different from other PEO companies? Short answer – everything. Long answer – hopefully this page will begin to give you an idea…


Goodbye call centers. Hello friendly and personal service. We’re always one direct phone call away.

100% Written Guarantee

If we fail to exceed your expectations for any reason, we will not only refund 100% of your fees, but we’ll gladly pay the cost to convert you to the competitor of your choice. That’s how confident we are in our services.

Amazing Client Loyalty

We value our long-standing relationships. Nearly 87% of our clients have been with us for 5 years or longer, and many of those have been with us over 20 years or longer.

Unparalleled Multi-State Experience

We operate in all 50 states so no matter where you employ, we have you covered. We know federal and state compliance like the back of our hands and even have multiple locations spread throughout the US for your convenience of service.

Transparent Billing and Simple Agreements

Our agreement is one page front and back, that’s it. You will be able to easily see and understand, line by line, exactly what you are going to be charged for.

Customized Service Packages

It’s important to us to really understand your business and the unique challenges you face. Once we have that understanding, we implement proven custom solution packages to remove your challenges and help your business be free. Since our services are custom fit to your business, we provide flexibility. No one-size fits all HR packages here.

Excellent Alternate Dispute Resolution Process

We’ll keep you out of the courtroom when it comes to employee disputes or grievances. Our Alternative Dispute Resolution has saved many business the hassle and we plan to keep it up.

Outstanding Safety Program

We are very proud to say our workers’ comp and safety programs will actually pay you for good performance. We can even customize our programs to meet your specific needs.

Incredible Stability

Over the past 30+ years, we’ve seen the high’s and low’s of the PEO industry. We continue to be pioneers, innovating, and standing firm on our core values and beliefs.

Personalized Local Service

We have regional service centers spread out across the country for your convenience. When you have questions, you can call us and speak to the person who actually knows your business and has developed a relationship with you. We’ll never put you through the call center maze.

No Call Centers

Have you ever noticed customer service doesn’t seem to come up until you need it? We try to think ahead for you in this sense. We strive to provide the best customer service out there meaning we do not employ call centers. You will be assigned your own client service coordinator who gets to know your business and will answer your questions personally.


In this guide you’ll learn:

  • 10 Questions to ask while shopping for a PEO and what answers to look for.
  • Why businesses choose to partner with a PEO.
  • Advantages a PEO offers a business.
  • How Employers Resource would answer these 10 questions.

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