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We’re always on the look-out for friendly, driven individuals, with servant hearts, who are passionate about making the lives of our clients and their employees easier.

Why we do what we do…

We believe the dreams of American entrepreneurs are our country’s most valuable resource. These dreams are under attack. Our family of employees fight to give business leaders the freedom to focus on reaching their dreams. We all believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and helping it stay free. Whether you’re an owner, a manager, or just starting a new career, we believe HR administration and regulatory compliance details should not get in the way of your calling.

How we do it…

One dream, one business, and one paycheck at a time we protect the dreams of business leaders and their employees. Our goal is to be the most valuable resource an employer can have. Over the past 30 years we’ve watched the PEO industry go through many changes. We maintain a high-touch and responsive service model. We are flexible and have a deep understanding of our client’s business and the unique challenges they face. Being just a quick personal and friendly phone call away to our clients is the most important thing.

What we do…

Our PEO solution is how we protect the spirit of entrepreneurship and keep it running free. We allow business leaders to do more of what they love to do by providing relief from administrative burdens, business costs, and compliance risk in four main areas: HR and compliance, payroll and tax, employee benefits, and work comp and safety. Invoicing is simple, clear and transparent. Bottom line: We make the lives of our clients and their employees easier.


Do You Have a Servant’s Heart?

Above everything, we value the relationship we have with each and every client. We constantly ask, “How can we make the lives our clients and their employees easier?” One way we do this is by never using call centers or large payroll processing plants. We are always looking for friendly, knowledgeable, and driven professionals with servant hearts to help us make the lives of our clients easier by providing personal and custom solutions to their unique challenges.

For Over 30 Years We’ve Been Guided By Four Core Values:

  1. Do the right thing
  2. Long-term relationships
  1. Have an attitude of gratitude
  2. Have fun
ERM Founders
“This is serious work, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”
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