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The Art of Retaining Talent: Strategies for Workplace Success

Highlights If attracting top talent is key for any business, keeping valuable employees on board is even more critical. Retaining talent makes your company stable, gives you a competitive edge, and can save significant costs. In a tight and highly competitive labor market, companies can’t afford to lose their best...

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HR Compliance: Everything You Need to Know

Highlights HR compliance should be a top priority for every business. Staying up-to-date on labor laws, regulations, and safety standards within your industry is essential, not just to avoid penalties and costly fines, but to protect employees and promote a good work environment. However, navigating compliance can be complex and...

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8 HR Best Practices to Build an Engaged Workforce in 2024

The workplace is undergoing sweeping transformations. Are your HR best practices reflecting the demands of this new reality? After the Pandemic, remote work models and virtual tools became part of our daily lives. Mental health and well-being are now (finally) in the spotlight. On top of that, the ‘great resignation’...

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The Costs and Trends of Employee Turnover Blog Banner

The Costs and Trends of Employee Turnover – Part 1

“Employee turnover” is the number or percentage of workers who leave an organization and are replaced by new employees. According to Gallup, U.S. businesses are losing $1 trillion every year due to voluntary turnover, and the annual turnover rate in 2017 was at 26.3%. In 2018, the Work Institute reported...

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Why Sexual Harassment Training Is Important

Over the past 22 months, people in all walks of life have felt empowered to stand up to sexual harassment and stand up for themselves. It took too long to get this conversation going, but in less than 2 years, our society has taken big strides to make sure employees...

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How the Knowledge Gap Kills Communication Blog Banner

How the Knowledge Gap Kills Communication, and How to Beat It

Communication tools have become more complex, and each generation’s preferences can be unique. Sometimes it’s good to remember the communications basics. Here’s a great one from our archives, originally published in 2014. As a business owner, nothing is more important than being able to clearly communicate your ideas to partners,...

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