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PEO Dallas Branch History

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We opened our Dallas branch in 1988 and within a couple of years had hired 2 payroll specialists that are still serving their clients today. Since then, we’ve slowly added more payroll, client service and management staff. We think the fact that our PEO clients have a dedicated payroll/HR team and we know our clients by name is an advantage. Add to this the average employment time of our payroll staff and our clients have a definite win. The service from this branch is flat out exceptional with all the hospitality you’d expect from a Texas PEO. The company conducted its first formal payroll training in Dallas in June of 1988.

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PEO Dallas and Texas News

PEO Dallas, TX

Employers Resource Dallas
1349 Empire Central Drive, STE 360
Dallas, Texas 75247

Toll Free: 1 (888) 638-4353
Email: dallas@employersresource.com

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