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Payroll & Tax Services

Make payroll stress-free and simple. Normalize your cash flow. Forget about deductions. Our payroll processing and tax services keep you focused on growing your business.

HR & Compliance

Get relief from your HR and Compliance related headaches. A PEO is like having an entire HR department of experienced professionals for your business a phone call away.

Employee Benefits

Turn employee benefits into a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining the talent you need. Have a partner to help you control skyrocketing health insurance costs.

Safety & Work Comp

Establish and maintain a safe workplace with our on-the-ground safety team. Leverage professional claims management. Enjoy cash safety rebates. Save money.


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What Are PEO Payroll Services and Why Do You Need Them

The Art of Retaining Talent: Strategies for Workplace Success

Don’t let administrative HR details distract you from your calling.

When it comes to having employees, we offer a full suite of HR services that will reduce your administrative burdens, control and reduce business costs, and keep you in compliance.

What challenges are you facing?

We are a partner for your business.

Our service model is a passionate reflection of these three goals:

  1. Helping you understand exactly what you need.
  2. Ensuring our solution gets implemented properly.
  3. Enjoying rich and long lasting relationships.

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Download the Ultimate Employee Benefits Guide

Unlock the ultimate power of employee benefits and learn how to use them to grow your business.

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Are You Ready for Healthcare Reform?

Do you know your ACA requirements? Take this quiz and test your knowledge of the Affordable Care Act…


The Owner's Manual will keep you informed and inspired.

ACA Help Center

Are you ready for healthcare reform?

What is a PEO

Learn the ABCs of PEO Business Protection.

Service Tour

Take this tour of our complete administrative service packages.


Neal Timmerman M2 Automation talks about his experience with Alternative Dispute Resolutions
Play Video about Neal Timmerman M2 Automation talks about his experience with Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Our mission is to protect and set free the bold spirit of entrepreneurship — one dream, one business, and one paycheck at a time.