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For more than 30 years we’ve been licensed in all 50 states.

Corporate Headquarters
Phone: (800) 866-8913
Email: boise@employersresource.com
Dallas, Texas
Phone: (888) 638-4353


The corporate office moved from Virginia to Boise in 1988 and in 1993 we bit the bullet and decided to add PEO clients so the Boise PEO branch was born. We operated that small beginning with corporate staff for two years and as it grew we hired our first Boise payroll specialist (actually a transfer from our accounting staff). That person is still serving her clients and works with a great team. This PEO branch now serves Idaho, Utah and the Pacific Northwest as well as some far-flung clients. When The Cowboy (an Idaho native) first brought Miss Mary to Idaho from Virginia she fell in love and knew this is where she wanted to raise her family.

No call centers here. Get to know the friendly and personal service experience that other PEO clients can only dream about.

We opened our Houston branch in 2001. The team in this branch consists of a combined 49 years PEO experience and a safety manager with over 25 years. Our national sales manager resides in Houston and his total dedication to serving our clients ensures you’ll have nothing but smiles when working with this team. This branch became a reality after The Cowboy sang that old Ronnie Millsap song with the lyrics “I can almost see Houston from here” to Miss Mary. That was his way of saying our PEO presence in Texas wouldn’t be complete without a Houston presence.

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