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Relief from administrative burdens, business costs, and compliance risk in the areas of payroll & tax, HR & compliance, employee benefits, workers’ comp & safety.

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is designed to be a strategic partner in employment related functions/responsibilities. This partnership allows the client company (that would be you) to focus on what’s important while running your business. The PEO (hopefully that will be us) takes care of government compliancepayrollHRWorkers Comp, labor law, benefit administration, etc. You get to focus on being a professional business leader instead of a professional employer. We each get to do what we do best, we think that makes all kinds of sense.

Employers Resource pioneered the concept of “co-employment” 30 years ago. When the PEO industry was still young, most PEOs thought they needed to be the “sole employer” and were playing the game that went with that opinion. They reasoned that to aggregate taxes and benefits under one tax number they had to have total control over your employees. Employers Resource was busy being “real” and telling it like it is. The truth is, our clients are the common law employer and we are the administrative employer. Hence the term (first used in this industry by us) is “Co-Employment”. There is a partnership between client and PEO that allows the business owner the ability to have at their fingertips the resources needed to manage a workforce in today’s world. Who better to partner with than a PEO who has been doing this for 30 years?

We are so sure of how well we do our job as a PEO partner with our clients that we give all clients a 90 day guarantee. We don’t know of any other PEO who does that. If at any time during those 90 days you decide we aren’t a good fit for you we will refund your entire admin fee. We also have a 1 page contract (front and back) which is much shorter than any other PEO contract we’ve seen. We told our Attorney to “say all you must, not all you can”. That’s kind of our philosophy around here.

We hope we get the chance to be your strategic partner. We’d love to answer any questions you may have and find out more about your company and how we might help you. Please give us a call at 1 (800) 866-8913.

The PEO Advantages:

  • Relief from administrative tasks that take up your valuable time and focus
  • Access better health, retirement, and workers’ compensation benefits even as a small business
  • Reduce accounting and payroll costs
  • Access to a suite of experienced HR professionals for everything from retention to management to recruiting
  • Reduce employer liability and manage your risk more effectively

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