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In today’s business environment, a company can be faced at any time with a serious claim that can result in outrageous costs to the company. Protect your business with our one-of-a-kind ADR program.

When a jury can find that burns from a hot cup of coffee spilled by a woman on herself is worth nearly 3 million dollars, you have to wonder when it will be your turn. Employers Resource is proud to have been the first company in our industry to provide Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) to our clients through an independent firm. At no additional cost to your company, access to this program can save your business from unexpected and devastating lawsuits.

Listen to Neal Timmerman’s (M2 Automation) experience with Alternative Dispute Resolution.


There have always been disputes and disagreements, and this won’t change. While you can purchase insurance to protect you against a multi-million dollar settlement, costs are prohibitively expensive for most businesses. Our Alternate Dispute Resolution program effectively eliminates the probability (and cost) that attorneys and courts will resolve your workplace disagreements and disputes – without ever going to the courthouse.


With Alternate Dispute Resolution, the employers and employees agree in advance to settle any disputes through the fair and impartial process of mediation and arbitration. Our ADR program gives you access to a process which can save your business from costly employee lawsuits while resolving legitimate grievances with fast, fair and reasonable decisions.


Mediation: The two parties sit down with a skilled mediator and try to reach agreement.
Binding Arbitration: If no agreement is reached in mediation, either party can require binding arbitration. This means that the two parties and their legal counsel present their case to one or more arbitrators. Decisions reached in arbitration are legally binding and enforceable.