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We can help you make your business more appealing for a buyer. This is a major transfer of legal and relational responsibility. What if you could ensure a smooth and orderly transitir.

Now you can guarantee your buyer and your employees HR administration continuity.

Selling a business involves a major transition of legal and relational responsibility between the buyer, seller, and the employees and clients involved. We’ve all heard the saying, “the devil is in the details.” It couldn’t be more true when you’re selling a business. We can help all parties involved in a buy/sell scenario in the following areas:

  • Orderly payroll and tax cutovers
  • Evaluation of predecessor/successor tax provisions—federal and state taxes
  • Quick and favorable workers comp policy change without premium deposit
  • Professional transition and administration of employee benefit plans – medical and retirement plans
  • Enhance buyers ability to establish “new” culture – introduce new vision, purpose, and values with us as a partner
  • Improve employee engagement with “tools” provided by ERM – Employee benefits, EAP, employee handbook, etc

These are just a few of ways a PEO can help when it’s time to sell your business. To learn more contact us or get a custom quote.

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