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By removing administrative HR and compliance details, we can help you and your team maintain more focus on the most important and strategic initiatives for your growing business.

You don’t outsource administrative HR tasks to get rid of HR. You outsource your HR to have more time to focus on what you do best and grow your business.

Imagine if you and your staff could spend more of your time only on strategic initiatives that have direct impact on your bottom line, your culture, and your ability to grow.

When a company has over 50 employees, it experiences an entirely new set of challenges added to the already existing ones related to having employees. Regulations like ACA compliance and reporting become a major issue. You may become subject to new rules and regulations related to FMLA and other acts and agencies.

The NFIB examined the top Small Business Issues in 2016 and compliance with “onerous regulations” were #2 on the list of top issues. This study revealed that at the time there were 3,297 new federal regulations in the pipeline. Almost 10 new regulations are finalized every day. There are hundreds that will impact small to medium sized businesses.

The burden of complying with these regulations is heavy on any business. Just looking at the time these regulations cost you or your staff is outrageous.

We are your human resource business partner.

We offer a complete administrative HR solution that takes all of this off your plate. Our team will stay on-top of the compliance issues your business needs to worry about so you can keep focused on growing your business. Your HR team can spend time on strategic initiatives related to culture, retention, and talent development instead of employee paperwork, payroll, and other busy work.

Our clients running midsize companies do not have to worry about the ACA reporting expected of them. They let our professionals handle this for them. You will also get:

  • On-the-ground safety team support from our experts to help you control and lower your safety costs and prevent workplace injuries. Read more about our work comp & safety services here.
  • A complete payroll & tax solution
  • Consolidating vendor support – having HR, payroll, tax, compliance, work comp, benefits, and safety all in one vendor and <one simple payment per payroll cycle.
  • Stabilizing business costs
  • Optimizing employee benefits
  • Controlling and managing risk
  • Access to technology and process infrastructure
  • A better, simpler way to have employees in multiple states

Protect the business you have built and continue growing with less headaches.


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