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Employee Safety Handbook vs. Safety Culture [VIDEO]


If anybody knows safety, it’s gonna be this guy. Eric Mann is our national safety manager at Employers Resource. His #1 goal is to make sure your workplace is as safe as possible and stays that way. Here’s what he has to say about employee safety handbooks and what you can do to make sure safety isn’t just a rule, but a way of life in your business.

Creating a Culture of Safety

Have you ever seen an employee actually reading an employee handbook? Most employees learn right and wrong in your business by observing other individuals especially by observing your actions. Here are a few steps Eric will cover in the video:


  • Install and maintain a safety culture
  • Have a line of defense
  • Develop a code of safe workplace practices
  • Declare your safety culture!
  • Empower your people for accountability


You can’t avoid having safety rules written down. Even in the most safe environment, official rules need to be stated. Eric has a few suggestions for business owners like you, looking to create a culture of safety instead of a long and vague book of rules that nobody reads. You really need less than you might have thought.

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