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Learn What to Do When an Employee Is Injured at Work

What to Do When an Employee Is Injured at Work? 7 Key Steps

Highlights: When you have a strong safety program in the workplace, accidents are rare. But even the most prepared environment can have unexpected situations. Knowing exactly what to do when an employee is injured at work is crucial and can reduce the risks for both your employees and your business....

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Light Duty or Modified Duty Works for Employers and Employees

Workers’ compensation claims get more expensive every year. With new state-level regulations that protect employees, and the wariness of workers’ compensation providers to take on risk, costs and confusion are rising for employers. But return-to-work programs are still a great option to reduce exposure. This article (updated for 2019) offers...

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The Workers Compensation Notice

The Workers Compensation Notice: Why You Need to Post It!

In most states, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage after the employer reaches a certain number of employees. And where some states will only require employers to inform their employees whether or not they carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage, others may require you to post a workers compensation...

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5 ways to stop distracted driving among employees

5 Ways to Stop Distracted Driving Among Employees

As a Safety Guy, my job has made me a road warrior for the last thirty years or so. I routinely log over 70,000 miles annually visiting our great clients. I thought I had seen everything that could occur while driving down the freeway. However, my list got a little...

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7 Tips for Businesses on Daylight Savings – Infographic

On Sunday, March 10th, most of us “sprang forward” at 2:00 a.m. and lost one hour (Arizona and Hawaii do not observe). Daylight Saving Time impacts you and your employees in two ways: How or whether to pay employees who are on shift when that hour disappears; Increased safety risks...

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how to avoid osha compliance scams

How to Avoid OSHA Compliance “Scams”

Small business owners often find themselves in a pickle when a new OSHA regulation is enacted. Chances are that unless you are connected to a source that can supply you with the simple facts about exactly what the new rules cover and how they affect your business, you are definitely...

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