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Light Duty or Modified Duty Works for Employers and Employees

Workers’ compensation claims get more expensive every year. With new state-level regulations that protect employees, and the wariness of workers’ compensation providers to take on risk, costs and confusion are rising for employers. But return-to-work programs are still a great option to reduce exposure. This article (updated for 2019) offers...

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5 ways to stop distracted driving among employees

5 Ways to Stop Distracted Driving Among Employees

As a Safety Guy, my job has made me a road warrior for the last thirty years or so. I routinely log over 70,000 miles annually visiting our great clients. I thought I had seen everything that could occur while driving down the freeway. However, my list got a little...

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how to avoid osha compliance scams

How to Avoid OSHA Compliance “Scams”

Small business owners often find themselves in a pickle when a new OSHA regulation is enacted. Chances are that unless you are connected to a source that can supply you with the simple facts about exactly what the new rules cover and how they affect your business, you are definitely...

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reporting work-related injury

4 Steps to Report a Work-Related Injury or Accident

One of the questions our clients frequently ask is “What steps should I take if one of my employees is hurt while working?”  This question is common because our safety managers do a great job of working with our clients to prevent injuries in the workplace.  As a result, injuries...

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