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HOW-TO…Fun at Work

I like fun. I like people who make me laugh, my husband does, kids do, animals do, and as a matter of fact, I can find fun in most things. Some days, however, especially at work, I have to look hard to see the fun. So I’ve developed an acronym to help me on those harder days.

F – Fun first starts with me. I am of an age that reading glasses are a necessary evil so why not have fun with them? I have a jewelry tree on my desk where I display the myriad of multi-colored and patterned glasses I have collected over time. Each day I pick which pair suites my mood for the day or matches color with what I am wearing. I have a co-worker who has a collection of coffee mugs from a certain coffee shop franchise, as he has traveled, has collected a mug from each city. He displays them on the window sill in his office. I have a much smaller collection, but again, I choose what suits me for the day. Small ways to add some fun. How about you – a meme board, tissue box cover, snow globes?

The next is U – unlimited possibilities. The sky’s the limit when it comes to having fun. Having fun is one of the core values of Employers Resource. Some of the ways we have had fun in the past include story time with cookies and milk in the afternoon; a visit from an ice cream truck; Cinco de Mayo parties complete with a piñata; flip-flop contests; company song contest during our 30th-anniversary celebration (we had a whole month of celebration). And of course, the classic what to do when the co-worker is gone on vacation – we have been known to relocate an office to the kitchen…just saying. And remember your audience when thinking of ideas, not everyone likes to have that much fun!

The last is N – now, there is no time like the present! Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today – what is one small step you can take today to bring fun into your day? Maybe it is a simple flower cut from your yard in a mason jar; perhaps a new plugin for your internet browser that displays a cool picture and quote each day; an app that sends a joke each morning; a swap out of a mouse pad from dull to colorful or your water bottle or your coffee mug. My water glass has orange and lime dots all over it – my favorite fun colors!

Maybe you are one that finds it is easy to find and have fun or you are naturally fun loving so making it happen today is not a problem, but maybe you have a harder time. Then take some time today to look for and find the fun in your day then write it down. Keeping a list of what fun you find can help create natural fun in the future!

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