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The Power of Words

photo of a hand holding a lit sparkler in front of an american flag

photo of a hand holding a lit sparkler in front of an american flag

I love words.

I love the way words can be put together to form a thought or make a statement. I love playing with words and drawing on their ability to convey how I feel.

Some of my favorite words are actually more a sense of home than the words themselves. Like when I hear the word Shenandoah. It brings a mental picture that 10,000 words could not express. I can smell it, see the misty fog and hear the distinct accents of the people who live there. Those people who are so unaware that the syllables they pronounce are music to my ears. Being gone so long now from my home allows me to experience the wonder of it.

But my most favorite word of all is America. It is truly my home, my heart. I think I must love this country and all it stands for more than even I can imagine.

When I think of America I think of the men and women who collectively have made her great. And I think of you, the American Entrepreneur who has created more jobs than any other group. You risk it all to follow your own version of The American Dream and you do it even with the increasing burden of government compliance.

We are American Entrepreneurs too, so we understand. And it is our dream to help you live yours. So please let us know what we can do to make your dreaming easier.

Here’s to you, to us and to this great dream we share.

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