Use a Ladder Correctly, Avoid a Safety Hazard!

"The step-stool is probably the least understood and most abused piece of equipment in your employee's office"Quick quiz!

True or False: More people are injured each year falling off extension ladders than step stools.

Answer: FALSE!  More people are injured each year falling short distances from one or two-step stools than falling from extension ladders.

Hazard and Safety in Reaching High Places

Even in an office setting, there comes an occasion where something needs to be retrieved from the top shelf in the store room and John-the-basketball-player and resident “go-to” guy for reaching up high is on vacation.  Ever ingenious, Susie inverts her metal trash can on the seat of her office swivel chair and attempts to get the 100 pound box of old files off the top shelf.  Recipe for disaster and an injured employee?  You bet!

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The step-stools or short step-ladders that you’ve got hiding behind the door in the break room are probably the least understood and most abused pieces of equipment in the office.  Used correctly, short ladders or step-stools can assist in most situations where short people like me need to get a little taller. When not used properly, their use can result in an injured employee and a foray into what is worker’s compensation, and accident’s wellness.

What is the Risk of Ladders for Office Workers?

Safety using ladders of all types is a timely topic.  Not just the long extension ladders that maintenance men use to get on top of the building, but also the short step-ladders or step-stools that all the rest of us use.  Slipping off one of the office step-stools can be just as much of a safety hazard and can result in just as much disability and worker’s compensation.

Stay Safe!

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