The Most Germ-Laden Area in Your Workplace

There was a commercial on television long ago that depicted a small boy doing what small boys do – finding every possible way to get dirty. As the boy went through his day, every time he picked up a frog, or played in the mud, his mother could be heard in the background yelling “Wash your hands, Roger!” The commercial touted some soap product, but the advice was sound.

I saw an “investigative report” on one of our local television channels recently on one of the most “germ-laden” areas of your home and workplace. You know the type of story I’m talking about. On slow news days the stations turn to creating news by taking something about which normal people don’t give a second thought and turn it into a “red-flag, run-for-your-life emergency”. They tease the report throughout the day just to get you to “tune-in at ten” to see what they have uncovered.

The Most Germ-Laden Areas

This news piece caught my attention however and like any concerned citizen I tuned in to see what was up. I was surprised to find that the most germ-laden area of the workplace or your household was NOT the bathroom. It was the counter top in your kitchen or the area around the coffee pot and refrigerator in the office break room! Who would have thought?

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Think about your workplace. Doorknobs, telephones, computer keyboards, coffee pots, vending machines, refrigerators, break room tables and yes – rest room surfaces are all excellent breeding grounds for all manner of nasty germs. Germs that cause illnesses like the flu or the common cold can easily be spread throughout your workplace by simply touching any of these areas as you go about your business.

Washing your hands frequently is the first-line of defense.

Next month’s safety topic is hand hygiene. I have attached a nifty article from Business and Legal Reports on germs and their spread as well as a great training sheet from the Texas Department of Insurance on keeping your hands clean. Take a minute to read these and then hold a meeting with your troops on proper hand sanitation. It could help keep your workforce healthy and working! As always, call me directly or comment below if I can answer any questions or provide additional information.