The Employers Resource Safety Program Pays Dividends to Client Companies

Two guys in safety vests and hard hats with a clipboard pointing at something on a worksite. Title - Safety Pays

About ten years ago, the Safety Team and Work Comp Group at Employers Resource developed a Safety Program aimed at promoting workplace safety among our clients as well as reducing both the number and severity of workplace injuries.

The Program Consists of Five Elements:

  1. Reporting all injuries – no matter how slight – to the Work Comp Group within 24 hours of occurrence.
  2. Requiring post-accident drug testing of all workers injured seriously enough to require medical attention beyond first-aid.
  3. Establishing a modified duty at the client location for employees released to that status by their treating physician.
  4. Assisting ERM with gathering claim information and investigation of each injury incident and…
  5. Establishing a safety incentive program at the client level to reward employees who do their job safely.

Clients who join the program by signing the Safety Agreement become eligible for a ten percent reduction in work comp premium. Additionally, those clients who go six months with no lost-time claims and no late-reported claims earn a rebate of five percent of work comp premium paid during the six month period.

In the ten year history of the program, roughly one-third of our 850+ clients have joined the program. During that time, most clients have earned at least one or two safety rebates for working a six month period lost-time and late-report free.

Several of our clients however have far exceeded our expectations. We have many clients who have earned more than 20 safety awards and several who have earned more than 30!  

I know what you’re thinking – the clients who have won that many awards must be low-risk for workplace injury. Client categories like insurance offices, architectural firms and retail sales come to mind. The truth is that many of our clients earning 20 or 30 safety awards are really HIGH risk for workplace injury. For example:

  • A chrome and nickel plating company in California just received their 29th safety award and rebate check.
  • An industrial robotics manufacturing company in Houston was just awarded their 23rd Safety Award.
  • A metal pipe and tubing fabricator in California earned their 21st award recently.
  • An over-the-road trucking firm in Virginia just received their 33rd award.
  • A CNC machine shop in California won their 35th safety award this month.
  • A California trucking company was awarded their 33rd safety award this month.
  • A saw mill / pallet manufacturing company in Georgia was awarded their 35th safety award. That’s the equivalent of SEVENTEEN years with no lost-time injuries or late-reported injuries!

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The list goes on! These high risk clients demonstrate what a corporate culture of workplace safety can do to reduce the frequency and severity of injury claims. Over the ten year life of the program so far, thousands of dollars that would have been spent on work comp claims has been returned to clients like these for working safely.

To see how ERM can put the program to work for your company check out our website or give us a call. We’ll be glad to help!

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