Severe Weather Safety Plan

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the NFL is in the midst of yet another labor dispute… it must be SPRING!  Along with the change in seasons comes the possibility for severe weather outbreaks.  The middle and southeastern sections of the country have already had two or three episodes of thunderstorms and tornadoes, but statistically severe weather can occur almost anywhere in the US.

Does your business have a written Severe Weather Plan?  Do your employees know what action to take in the advent of severe weather?  What about your employees who are on the road – do they know what to do if faced with an approaching tornado?  Is your office equipped with a NOAA weather radio?

Once again, the fine folks at the Texas Department of Insurance have developed a training program designed to equip your company with the knowledge it needs to provide a safe workplace for your employees in the event of severe weather.  The bulletin contains background reading, a meeting outline, and some additional resource information that could prove very useful.  Even if your business is not in Texas, the issue of severe weather is common across the U.S., and should always be taken seriously – because knowing what to do and where to seek shelter could save lives.


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