Driver Safety and Accident Prevention in School Zones

Globe and vintage book - Do you know school speed limits or cell phone laws? Do your employees know? All over America, stay-at-home moms and dads are heaving a collective sigh of relief.  After a whole summer of trying to keep the kids entertained, they are FINALLY headed back to the classroom.  Television and radio stations have already begun their annual pitch to make drivers aware that school safety zones will soon be active and the rules will be enforced.

State Law Regulations and Fines for Accident Prevention and Driver Safety

Drivers should heighten their awareness now to prepare for the new school year.  Most states have laws governing vehicle speed in marked school zones. When the school zone is located on a highway, speeds are often reduced to less than half the normal posted speed for accident prevention.

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Many states have also banned use of cellular phones by drivers passing through school zones for accident prevention.  Fines for violators in these safety zones START at around $200.00 and can be much higher depending upon the circumstances.

Most states have strict rules governing the passing of school buses on any road while children are loading or unloading.  Some jurisdictions even equip school buses with video cameras that activate when the red flashing signals on school buses are turned on.  Drivers who pass a stopped school bus are caught on tape – and receive a hefty citation in the mail, even though they weren’t caught in the act by a policeman.

Hold a Safety Meeting for Driver and Employee Safety Education

If your business requires that employees drive personal or company vehicles, NOW would be a good time to hold a safety meeting with your troops to go over rules for driving in school zones. A fifteen-minute safety meeting may prevent your business from becoming the lead story on the six-o’clock news!

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