School – Again Already?

school zone safetyWhen I was a youngster – about the time “fire” and “the wheel” were all the rage – school didn’t start until AFTER Labor Day. Also, the last bell rang for the year BEFORE Memorial Day… Nowadays, it seems as though the kiddos just got out of school and we’re already gearing up for the start of a new school year. You can tell school is about to start because “back-to-school” specials have been on sale at Walmart since Flag Day (June 14).

Before we know it, school zone speed limits will be in effect and roads will become crowded with giant yellow school buses. If your company earns a living by having your employees driving to and from client locations, it is probably a good idea to hold a safety meeting and remind the troops of the rules of the road during the school year.

Most states have enacted legislation banning the use of cell phones in school zones. Most states have signs and warning lights telling drivers that the speed may be reduced from the normal limit to 20 or even fewer miles per hour in school zones. Most states also have hefty fines for drivers caught violating school zone ordinances. I know of one state where the fine for speeding in a school zone STARTS at $200.00 and goes way up from there depending upon the violation!

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All of us are aware that the laws governing school zones are in place to protect our children. There is really no excuse for violating these regulations. Start early to remind your employees of the rules in your area.
THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN DRIVING IN SCHOOL ZONES is a hand-out that is perfect for your meeting. I suggest you make copies for everyone and go over the content of the handout in detail during the meeting. Be sure to allow for questions regarding specific school zone requirements in your area.


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