The Road Rage Hazard and Business Safety

Raised blood pressure may make sense on the racetrack, but your employees should keep it cool on the road It happened again in Dallas just the other night: Vehicle #1, occupied by a 30+ year-old male and his mother, was pulling onto the road from a grocery store parking lot.  The two were engaged in a conversation and the driver failed to keep his vehicle completely in the far-right lane as he pulled onto the four-lane street.

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Enter Vehicle #2, driven by a 20+ year-old male with a temper.  At Warp Speed, Vehicle #2 approached the parking lot where Vehicle #1 was pulling into traffic.  As the driver of Vehicle #2 veered across the center stripe to pass Vehicle #1, he couldn’t help but yell at the driver of Vehicle #1 about “staying in his lane.”

This prompted the driver of Vehicle #1 to yell back a snappy retort and to initiate a single-finger salute toward Vehicle #2—which caused the driver of Vehicle #2 to shoot at the driver of Vehicle #1 three times with a nine millimeter handgun.  Vehicle #1 then struck a light pole and both the driver and his mother were transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

The Hazard of Road Rage and Your Employees’ Safety

Imagine if the driver of Vehicle #1 was your employee on his way back to the shop from the office supply store.  OR WORSE, imagine that the driver of Vehicle #2 was your employee hurrying to the office because he was late—again.

Road rage has become a fact of life—especially in major metropolitan areas where traffic is already congested.  Throw in a little impromptu road construction, an overturned eighteen wheeler, or a rogue-band of senior citizens on Harley Davidson’s, and everybody’s nerves are on edge.

Safety Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

The fine folks at the Texas Department of Insurance have put together a safety piece on how to avoid becoming an aggressor as you drive—as well as how to avoid becoming a victim of someone else’s aggression. The topic is timely especially if you have a fleet of vehicles on the road as part of your business activity.

Car Accident Wellness and Disability

If you do have company cars and drivers, consider what is the risk of accidents, and implement appropriate safety programs for drivers in addition to reviewing your business’ policies for accident wellness, disability, and what is worker’s compensation.


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