PEO Companies Offer a Proven Path to OSHA Compliance

PEO osha complianceDoes Your Small Company Have the Skills On-Site to Ensure Compliance with OSHA? A PEO might be your best option!

Given the state of today’s economy and business environment, many small-to-medium-sized businesses find themselves stretched to the limit just to keep the business operating.  When you add in the time and talent necessary to ensure that your business stays compliant with ever-changing safety and health regulations, many businesses find themselves at a loss.

Every business needs a written Employee Safety Plan.  This plan must contain the written materials OSHA demands for training on all the regulatory standards that apply to your particular type of business.  For most businesses, this means seven or eight written training programs, but for some the number is much higher.

Common safety programs that apply to most businesses include Emergency Evacuation, Weather Emergency, Fire Extinguishers, Office Safety, Material Handling, and Ladder Safety.  If your company manufactures or distributes a product, you probably will need Forklift Safety, Forklift Certification for Drivers, Warehouse Safety, Machine Guarding, Flammable Materials Storage, and a host of others.

You can draft these required programs yourself using the website as a guide.  The process is tedious and time consuming.  Without oversight from a Safety Professional or consultant trained in the creation of such materials you’re never really sure if what you write meets the requirements.

Hiring an outside consultant to write the safety programs your company needs is certainly another option.  Depending upon required time and your particular circumstances, this option can cost thousands of dollars.

Partner With a PEO for OSHA Compliance

Perhaps a better solution would be to align your company with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like Employers Resource.  Our Safety Team is comprised of professionals in the areas of employee safety and regulatory compliance.  As a client of Employers Resource, the talents of our Safety Team are included in our service package at no additional charge.

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Shortly after becoming a client, an ERM Regional Safety Manager will conduct a survey of your business to determine what written safety programs are required for regulatory compliance.  The completed written programs will be customized specific to your business needs. Once the compliance programs have been produced, they will be delivered to you electronically.  They are an excellent reference for compliance with required OSHA standards.

The benefits don’t stop there!  We will also assist you in implementing the training programs with your employees.  As a client of ERM, you have access to our vast library of training materials designed to help ensure OSHA compliance.  In most cases, we can offer assistance with on-site training done by our Regional Safety Managers as part of our regular client service visits.

As the client relationship develops, our Regional Safety Managers become a resource for all things safety related. A simple phone call or e-mail can get answers to the questions that may arise as you work toward the goal of providing a safe – and compliant – workplace for your employees.

Give Employers Resource a call today to find out more about how our Safety Team can assist you with all your OSHA compliance issues.



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