The 5 Secrets to Identifying PEO Workers’ Comp that’s Better Than Your Average ‘Cup-of-Joe’

peo workers' comp 2Do you think all cups of coffee taste the same? Do you think all PEO workers’ comp plans are equal?

Many business owners are satisfied with the average “cup-of-joe” because they don’t realize that something better exists. They just keep drinking the same old coffee that smells like grandma’s sheets, bad breath, and hint of complacency because it gives them that caffeine boost they need to make it through their depressing morning like they always have.

Similarly, there is average PEO workers’ comp and there is GREAT PEO workers’ comp.

Workers’ comp insurance is mandatory in nearly every state.  It can be an expensive cost of doing business. Savvy business owners understand the benefits of choosing a PEO to provide workers’ comp. No year-end audits, pay-as-you-go premiums, and premium rebates are all well-known standard features. BUT not all PEO workers’ comp plans are equal. A great PEO Workers’ comp plan can be a huge competitive advantage for your business.

See the list of evaluation points below to help you find a PEO workers’ comp plan that’s truly not your average “cup-of-joe.”

Traits of a Great PEO Workers’ Comp Plan

Here’s our top list of traits to look at while evaluating which PEO workers’ comp plan is best for your business.

1. Before You Become Their Client

The Average vs. The Great

A great PEO workers’ comp experience starts before you even sign on the dotted line. Remember –just like there’s much more to good coffee than simply having 100% Arabica beans, there’s a lot more to a workers’ compensation program than just premium.

The Average: Like some coffee, the average PEO comp program begins with a rich aroma, but winds up tasting like it was filtered through old gym socks.  Most PEO’s can provide you a quick quote. Most PEO’s cannot provide you a quick and accurate workers’ comp quote. The average will show you a sticker price based on a very limited set of data about your company and try to lure you into their roller coaster process.  The result can be escalating premium, poor claims management, higher experience modifier, and virtually no safety expertise from the PEO.

The Great: Great PEO’s at this stage of the process distinguish themselves by taking the time to carefully consider all factors for your business while being able to quickly provide you an accurate quote. PEO’s who have a long-term relationship with their carrier and decades of experience are those who shine in this category (more on carrier relationship below).  Another plus of a great PEO comp program are sales people who truly understand the workers’ comp system and can communicate its pitfalls clearly.

2. How Well Do They Prevent Claims?

The Average vs. The Great

Most PEO workers’ compensation programs offer some sort of safety and risk support. The quality and the completeness of these programs vary greatly.

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The Average: Safety support and risk management in the average PEO program consists of cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions. They will make the effort to do the minimum needed to prevent workers’ comp claims and create a safe workplace. That’s it. Their claims prevention services stop as soon as a claim occurs. They simply send the claim to their carrier and it’s off to the races.

The Great: Great PEO’s have an in-house team of safety professionals that are proactive in creating custom safety plans for your business and continuous training. They offer you real ways to save real dollars. Look for an experienced on-the-ground team. Ask them how they support their clients client’s safety effort and help them reach their safety premium rebate goals. Great PEO safety programs often offer expanded safety course offerings beyond the basic OSHA courses like forklift safety, CPR, driving safety etc… Effective safety program will help your business prevent the accidents that are preventable.

3. How Do They Help With Claims Processing After Claims Occur?

The Average vs. The Great

Accidents happen. When a claim comes in how does the PEO help? What do they do to keep the claim low?

The Average: The average PEO offers little in this category. Most average PEO’s seem to be interested in just paying claims. They may pay lip service to modified duty programs but often offer little real assistance in this area.

The Great: There’s a HUGE gap between “average” and “great”. Beyond the standard return-to-work programs and consulting, great PEO workers’ comp offer a suite of in-house experts to be an advocate for your company and the claims you experience. Experts like Injury Case Managers can direct services, control costs, and negotiate fines saving you thousands of dollars. They proactively work with their clients to manage claims from the moment the injury occurs; ensuring the best care for the injured worker at the best price. A PEO with close contact and long term relationship with their carrier has a major advantage when it comes to claims processing. When minutes count during claims processing, this makes them hours ahead. Injured employees can quickly rack up bills with doctors unless you have a PEO with a proactive in-house claims management team. The impact of an experience in-house claims processing team with a tight relationship with their carrier cannot be overstated.

4. What’s Their Relationship Like With Their Carrier?

The Average vs. The Great

The Average: No long-term relationship with their carrier, and very little ability to be flexible, and accommodating.

The Great: Great PEOs have long-term and close relationships with their carrier. This allows the PEO to have more flexibility because of the trust they have earned over the years with their carrier. These PEOs offer more underwriting flexibility when you are trying to become their client or keep you as a client down the road. It gives them the keen eye to distinguish quickly whether your business is a good fit and the great ones are up-front and honest with you about this.

5. Do They Offer a Guarantee?

The Average vs. The Great

You might think of a guarantee as an average “cup-of-joe” trait, but there are some companies who still stand behind their word…and their guarantees are anything but average.

The Average: Most PEO’s don’t offer a 100% satisfaction guarantees.  If they do offer a guarantee of some sort, it is often buried beneath tons of legal language that is difficult to understand.

The Great: Some companies still offer a real, simple, 100% satisfaction guarantee they honor 100% of the time.  They tell you what they will do and then they do exactly that. They also guarantee that if you are unhappy after they have done what they say they will do, they’ll return your money.

Say No to Average. Say Yes to Moe-Joe.

If you’re ready for more than the average “cup-of-joe,” it might be time to find your Moe-Joe. Moe is not your average “cup-of-joe” employee. In fact, he’s the ideal employee. Moe represents the PEO services of Employers Resource and we are not the average PEO. And yes, our workers’ comp is not average, and not just great — it’s the best.

Moe gives business owners mojo. We call it “Moe-Joe.” Not only does he bring the best PEO workers’ comp program to your company, he offers a complete solution to eliminate compliance and HR administration headaches.

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