Workers’ Safety: What Truly Matters?

Like this railroad company, consider a "safety pays" motto for your organization

Image via Flickr by MTSOfan

Long ago, the Rock Island Railroad adopted a safety slogan that appeared on all company equipment.  The slogan simply said “Safety Pays.”  How true!  Training workers to perform their tasks safely and providing them a safe place to work will definitely curtail the number of injury incidents and reduce the cost of claims.

A professional employer organization (PEO) like Employers Resource can assist your business in establishing an effective workers’ safety program.  What is a safety program? Our safety programs are custom-designed to not only to assist you in providing a safe workplace for your most valuable asset—your workers—but also to help ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.

Understanding What Is Risk and What is Safety

Establishing a culture of safety within your organization can begin with a professional employer organization (PEO) assessing the risks and hazards inherent in your workplace. What is risk? This could include dangerous chemicals, risk of accident, and many other things. Developing safety rules and safe operating practices will pay dividends by controlling the risks, lowering workers’ compensation premium costs and fostering higher employee productivity.  Regardless of your type of business, an effective PEO safety program should be the foundation on which your business grows.

How a Workers’ Safety Program Impacts What Is Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is among the most expensive insurance coverage a business owner can purchase.  It makes good business sense to protect your work comp program by controlling the frequency and severity of workplace injuries.  An effective workers’ safety program does just that.

For more information on controlling the risks associated with inherent hazards in your workplace and how a professional employer organization like Employers Resource can assist in developing and implementing an effective workers’ safety program, click the link below.


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