Back to School: Employee Safety Training Doesn’t Cost, It Pays!

With the start of a new school year just around the corner, why not take the opportunity to evaluate your company safety program?  I’ll bet some of you need to send your workers “back to school” on workplace safety.

Safety in Practice: My Favorite Client

A woman standing at some type of machineryOne of my favorite clients is a construction company that works primarily on military and government projects.  They are one of my favorites not only because they have an excellent safety program but also because they practice the safety they preach.

Before the start of each work day at the construction site, every employee of this company is required to attend a “tailgate” safety meeting to discuss the work to be done that day.  In five minutes, the superintendent who holds the meeting details the hazards associated with the job for the day as well as the proper personal protective equipment that must be worn.  When this company DOES experience a workplace injury, it is usually very minor.

What Is Safety Training Worth if Not Implemented?

Unfortunately, many companies go to the trouble to develop a written workplace safety program as required by OSHA, but they only pay lip service to actually implementing workplace safety in their rules and procedures.  I can’t tell you how many businesses I have inspected that must hunt for the company safety manual.  Most have at least a year’s worth of dust on the binder.

Our friends at OSHA can tell in an instant whether or not the written safety program you probably paid big bucks for is actually in use.  More and more I see evidence of “failure to adequately train” citations being issued when OSHA comes calling.

Employers Resource has gathered some information on the importance of employee safety training.  Look over the links and consider sending your employees “back to school” on safety in the workplace.  The training will no doubt improve your overall safety effort AND it could save you big dollars in OSHA citations.

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