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Five Benefits of PEO Payroll

Five Benefits of PEO Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration is a core function of any business with employees and one thing you must get right. Payroll and tax problems can have enormous impacts on your business for managing cash flow, employee morale, tax compliance for you and your employees, and many other areas. Sometimes employers do their...

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ACA Updates for 2019-2022

2019 Updated ACA Requirements for Employers

The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) “individual mandate” was repealed in 2018 – old news for most readers. While it lasted, the mandate required individuals to obtain health insurance or incur a tax penalty. What’s less commonly understood is that the individual mandate was only half of the penalty story: Congress...

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2019 New Year HR Checklist

2019 New Year HR Compliance Checklist

Welcome to the new year! You’re feeling fresh (we hope), and ready to brave the pile of HR projects on your desk. Get a clean, organized start with our New Year HR Compliance Checklist. [hs_cta id=’0083c86d-b6ef-4d6e-a4b4-835dc27ebae2′] The transition from one year to the next is often challenging for HR professionals,...

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Base Salary– the Data and Factors Behind the Number

I recently attended a presentation about the rise in popularity of crowd-sourced compensation data. Crowd-sourced compensation data is employee-reported data that is typically accessed via the internet (Spake, 2018). This data can be found through online platforms like Glassdoor, Salary.com, PayScale, and LinkedIn. [hs_cta id=’c8e5e020-d6af-4193-8e03-a60055aac020′] Individuals in many different fields...

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What Are FICA and FUTA?

What are FICA and FUTA?

What are FICA and FUTA? Both stand for federal laws that fund key government programs. FICA, or the “Federal Insurance Contributions Act” funds Social Security and Medicare. FUTA, or the “Federal Unemployment Tax Act,” funds (you guessed it) unemployment benefits. All employers must calculate FICA and FUTA taxes and withholdings...

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