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Human Capital Management Trends for 2019

Human Capital Management Trends in 2019

Increasing your company’s performance depends on many complex factors, but it always requires excellent employee development. In 2019, companies that plan to grow know that they can’t neglect a critical element: their human capital. This is why human capital management trends are of prime importance, and may offer a path...

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Base Salary– the Data and Factors Behind the Number

I recently attended a presentation about the rise in popularity of crowd-sourced compensation data. Crowd-sourced compensation data is employee-reported data that is typically accessed via the internet (Spake, 2018). This data can be found through online platforms like Glassdoor, Salary.com, PayScale, and LinkedIn. [hs_cta id=’c8e5e020-d6af-4193-8e03-a60055aac020′] Individuals in many different fields...

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