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What Is a 1099 Employee and Should You Hire Them?

What is a 1099 employee? They are self-employed workers, also called independent contractors. Form 1099 reports the income that independent contractors receive throughout the year to the IRS for tax purposes. This form replaces the need for a W-2 and indicates that they are not an employee, no employer is...

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2019 New Year HR Checklist

2019 New Year HR Compliance Checklist

Welcome to the new year! You’re feeling fresh (we hope), and ready to brave the pile of HR projects on your desk. Get a clean, organized start with our New Year HR Compliance Checklist. [hs_cta id=’0083c86d-b6ef-4d6e-a4b4-835dc27ebae2′] The transition from one year to the next is often challenging for HR professionals,...

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how to avoid osha compliance scams

How to Avoid OSHA Compliance “Scams”

Small business owners often find themselves in a pickle when a new OSHA regulation is enacted. Chances are that unless you are connected to a source that can supply you with the simple facts about exactly what the new rules cover and how they affect your business, you are definitely...

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