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Boise Branch Celebrates NPW

This week we celebrate our amazing payroll team as part of National Payroll Week. We also celebrate our partnership with America’s workers and companies. Together through payroll withholding, 70% of the US Treasury’s annual revenue is contributed, collected, reported and deposited.

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reporting work-related injury

4 Steps to Report a Work-Related Injury or Accident

One of the questions our clients frequently ask is “What steps should I take if one of my employees is hurt while working?”  This question is common because our safety managers do a great job of working with our clients to prevent injuries in the workplace.  As a result, injuries...

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Base Salary– the Data and Factors Behind the Number

I recently attended a presentation about the rise in popularity of crowd-sourced compensation data. Crowd-sourced compensation data is employee-reported data that is typically accessed via the internet (Spake, 2018). This data can be found through online platforms like Glassdoor, Salary.com, PayScale, and LinkedIn. [hs_cta id=’c8e5e020-d6af-4193-8e03-a60055aac020′] Individuals in many different fields...

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HOW-TO…Fun at Work

I like fun. I like people who make me laugh, my husband does, kids do, animals do, and as a matter of fact, I can find fun in most things. Some days, however, especially at work, I have to look hard to see the fun. So I’ve developed an acronym...

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