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ACA Updates for 2019-2022

2019 Updated ACA Requirements for Employers

The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) “individual mandate” was repealed in 2018 – old news for most readers. While it lasted, the mandate required individuals to obtain health insurance or incur a tax penalty. What’s less commonly understood is that the individual mandate was only half of the penalty story: Congress...

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Poor ACA Compliance Can Hit Your Bottom Line

    Are you ready for Affordable Care Act 2016 reporting requirements? We have a few suggestions on how you can handle it this year and keep penalties affecting your bottom line. Last year, almost 80% of ACA reporting filers had issues that required corrections. If you were one of...

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American flag with title - ACA News: Changes to the Cadillac Tax

ACA News: Changes to the Cadillac Tax

Updates ACA news: the Cadillac Tax is delayed, which has caused some changes to the Affordable Care Act. See what’s changed and what it means for business owners and HR professionals. President Obama has signed a bill that delayed the ACA’s tax on high-value or “Cadillac” health plans by two...

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