Small Business Week Spotlight- Standage Partnership, Ltd. and Self Storage Corporation

small business week spotlight standage

Standage Partnership, Ltd and its sister company Self Storage Corporation comprise part of a group of family owned businesses first started by Frank Standage in San Antonio, Texas.  These two enterprises are self storage based facilities that were begun by Mr. Standage and a business partner back in the 1970’s.  Frank Standage’s business partner had discovered the concept of self storage facilities in California.  He returned to San Antonio and together they introduced the concept of self storage facilities to Texas.  In fact, Standage Partnership Ltd was the 2nd in the nation and the 1st in Texas to offer this novel concept.

San Antonio, Texas is a military town.  There are a number of military bases that serve as the training ground of  the USAF, US Army, some naval operations and US Army Reserve.  Mr. Standage recognized the economic possibilities of building self storage facilities around and near the various military bases in San Antonio. Property was purchased in the military base vicinities and self storage units were constructed. In addition, the family- owned operations included a photography shop and a contract with the military to provide portrait studio offerings for military portraits.

In 2008 the family brought in Chris Gagliardi, grandson of Frank Standage, to assume management and control of the self storage facilities operated under Standage Partnership, LTD and Self Storage Corporation.  Chris Gagliardi is a graduate of Texas State University with a BS in Finance.  Since 2008 he has experienced a steep learning curve in management of all aspects of a business enterprise.  His most important lesson is that things are only going to happen as fast as you as the manager/owner of a company make them happen.  This truism applies from  the strategic view of the business down to the daily level of operations management.  When asked to reflect on lessons learned, Chris says that he had to very quickly develop and learn leadership skills. Street smarts were also an important attribute to develop.

Chris enjoys the flexibility that is afforded a business owner.  Admittedly, he doesn’t do well with monotony…and every day in the small business owner world is anything but monotonous!  His greatest challenges are encountering misrepresentations and a general disregard for value of property.

However, at the end of the day – small business ownership is rewarding and satisfying.  Here are three things that have made a difference in Chris’s business world:

  • Education
  • A desire to make the company profitable
  • Satisfaction of a job well done.

Dream it. Build it.  Standage Partnership, Ltd and Self Storage Corporation epitomize the spirit of true entrepreneurship in America!

Small Business Spotlight Series #SBW2014

This Small Business Spotlight is part of a series of interviews performed by Employers Resource in order to honor small business owners and the hard work they’ve invested in pursuing their dreams of owning a business. They represent the #DreamItBuildIt elite. Cheers to your passion, your values, and your hard work. [button url=”//” style=”flat” background=”#8e0606″ color=”#ffffff” center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: home” text_shadow=”px px 0px #7c7171″]See All #SBW2014 Spotlights [/button]

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