[PRESS RELEASE] Employers Resource, National PEO, Rebrands and Urges Business Leaders to “Stay Bold, Stay Free”

why do you do what you do

It’s empowering to have a clear understanding of your identity. Knowing who you are and why you do what you do manifests itself in many ways on a daily basis. It changes what you say. It changes what you do. It changes how you treat clients. It changes how you make decisions.

We have always known who we are, what our core values are, why we do what we do etc. but, recently we have taken special care to sharpen our understanding of this identity and the way we communicate this. This press release shares a little bit about that process.

When you go through a rebranding process it gives you the opportunity to reflect on things like “what makes us different?”

Market Leadership

We have always placed a high value on the quality of our service. It is the reason we’ve chosen to have strategically placed regional payroll processing branches instead of large processing centers. It is the reason we do not use call centers. It is the reason we keep things as simple as possible. Having a “local”, human, warm, and friendly feel to the way we interact with clients has always been important to us.

During this process, we had the privilege of working with some very smart, very nice people over at Clover Marketing Academy.  They walked us through a process to help refine this identity of ours. One of the things that they walked us through was discovering what kind of market leadership our business most identifies with. There were three types: operational excellence, product leadership, and customer intimacy.

We asked Ryan McInerny, Founder and Lead Strategist at Clover, to comment on the importance of understanding market leadership for your company. Here’s what he had to say:

“Though it can be tempting, no business can be all things to all people. Many buy the lie that ‘the broader our focus the more we can grow.’ However, the more narrow your focus, the greater your ability to do business with those customers and staff that share the same distinct values that you do. This makes for a more fulfilling experience for everyone, and far greater scalability.”

We found that we were strong in the area of customer intimacy. This allowed us to narrow our focus and identify those distinct values that Ryan speaks of.

Customer Intimacy

Our obsession with these three things has positioned us as market leaders in the area of customer intimacy:

  • Helping the client understand exactly what their challenges are and what is needed.
  • Ensuring the solution gets implemented properly for each unique client and their business.
  • Creating and nurturing rich and long lasting relationships.

This discovery, and many others during this process, has been so helpful in giving us renewed focus on what matters most to us as an organization and what to prioritize.

I encourage you to start with this question: “Why do we do what we do?”

Spend some time reflecting and digging under the surface to find a very specific and strong answer to that question. How you answer that question drives a lot more than you realize.


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