You Might Be Suffering from the Bob and Moe Complex

bob and moe hatsTwo Hats, One Problem

Our CEO often describes a common problem business owners face using two hats. Every business owner has to grapple with the decision whether they will try to wear both of these hats or choose to wear only one.

The Bob hat is the Business of Business hat. The Bob hat is why you went into business– all about your core business, scheduling, designing, production, sales, profitability. You went into business to provide a great service, manufacture a great product, to be the best in your field, what you didn’t count on was discovering the Moe hat.

The Moe hat is the Manager of Employment hat. This hat catches a lot of employers by surprise– new employee paperwork, I-‘9’s, compliance, employment posters, workers compensation management, payroll, worksite safety, benefits, payroll taxes, risk management, unemployment….this hat can be a real burden, and that’s if all these things go as planned.

Trying to wear both hats will hold your business back and it prevents you from doing what you wanted to do in the first place– being in the business of business. Two hats, one problem. This is the Bob and Moe complex.

How to Fix the Bob and Moe Complex

The short answer: wear the Bob hat, and just hire someone to wear the Moe hat.

In fact, we know a guy who would be perfect for the job. Moe is the ideal employee and you can hire him to wear that Moe hat (it fits him pretty darn well actually).

Who is Moe?

Moe represents the PEO services of Employers Resource. Hiring Employers Resource is like hiring the ideal employee to be your manager of employment, thus we are Moe.

Moe can handle the administrative side of your employment, all the paperwork, headaches, and risk that are part of being an employer. Take a look at Moe’s resume and you’ll see he is well qualified to handle the position. As the ideal employee, he will never call in sick, go on vacation, show up late, fight with co-workers, or distract you from your core business.

Moe is one employee (with some pretty nerdy glasses) who offers over 50 business solutions in the areas of:

  • Payroll Services
  • Human resources
  • Employee Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation and Safety
  • Tax Compliance


When employers hire Moe they get more time and focus, compliance, savings, and protection for their business. Compare Moe to your alternatives and you’ll find he offers more security (he comes with the strongest guarantee in the industry), experience, simplicity, and human touch.

Be Bob. Hire Moe.

Is your head big enough for both the BOB and MOE hats? Or is it time to hire Moe and get back to rocking that Bob hat (it looks great on business owners).

The ideal employee does exist and you can hire him today for about the cost as one employee.  So… consider this your official notice of Moe’s application for Manager of Employment position at your company.

After almost 30 years of watching client after client experience what it’s like to take off the Moe hat and let us wear it, we can confidently say you (and your employees) will be happy with your decision. It turns out Bob and Moe together make a pretty awesome team.

Get to know Moe and the many advantages our PEO services offer employers by clicking on the button below.

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