What Happens When You Hire a Manager of Employment?

manager of employment makes employee details easyYou may have heard of this job title before. If you have, most likely the manager of employment position was related to some HR function in a company like staffing, recruitment, workforce planning and the overall employment process. Something akin to an HR manager, or in larger companies someone focused more on recruitment and selection process.

We are talking about  something completely different.  We are talking about a position that most employers don’t even know exists — a position focused on managing all administrative tasks related to employees and your compliance with having employees.

The Manager of Employment’s Job Description

The ideal Manager of Employment is passionate about protecting your American Dream and can have a positive impact on the success of your business by keeping employment and labor law compliance, safety compliance, tax compliance and other headaches that come with having employees from getting in your way.

From ensuring compliance in the midst of constantly changing Healthcare reform and laws and regulations, to making payroll simple and easy, to creating a safer work environment for your employees, they will always have your back.

The “Manager of Employment” will take care of the day to day details that come with having employees. These administrative tasks are related to the areas of payroll and tax, HR management, benefits, safety and risk management, workers’ compensation, and compliance.

They will give you more time and focus to spend on core business tasks that have a direct impact on the health and growth of the business.

Their main tasks would include:

  • Manage the administrative tasks that take up the valuable time and focus of the business owner.
  • Provide access to better health, retirement, and workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Reduce accounting and payroll costs
  • Ensure the business is in compliance with all state and federal requirements
  • Provide HR guidance and consulting for everything from retention to management to recruiting
  • Manage workers comp and claims processing
  • Reduce and share employer liability and manage risk
  • Free-up more of the employers time and energy to be spent on tasks directly related to the growth and success of the core business.
  • Help keep you out of the courtroom

Should You Hire a Manager of Employment?

Do you have employees? If so, you should consider it…

It’s amazing how much time, energy, and focus administrative and detail oriented work related to employees can take out of your week.

You should hire a manager of employment if you fall into one of these categories:

  • You have already hired in-house HR employees, but you’d like them to be focused on more strategic tasks like recruiting, engagement, and talent development instead of administrative tasks they are overqualified for.

  • You don’t want to hire someone in-house, but don’t want to do it yourself.
  • You are tired of trying to wear this hat yourself and want to move on to bigger and better things that you love to do for your business instead of these employee related details.
  • You feel like there’s too much small stuff keeping you from working on the big stuff.

If You’re Interested, We Know Someone Who’s Perfect for the Position

There you can see all the PEO services of Employers Resource. PEOs are a strategic partner for businesses who are looking for a complete HR solution that gives them more time, more focus, more savings, more compliance, and more opportunity for growth. When you partner with Employers Resource, you receive all our fifty solutions for one price.

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We have over 30 years of payroll experience processing payroll for companies ranging from small startups to multi-state corporations.  Out of what you pay him, he will process your payroll, issue checks and direct deposits, forward all appropriate taxes and pay your workers compensation and all benefit vendors. He will provide you with any needed management reports as well as give you online capability to review pay data.  He’ll also handle all garnishments, child support orders and tax liens. If he makes a mistake on any of this, he’ll fix it and pay any penalties out of what you pay him.  Just submit your hours and he’ll take it from there.

Next he has 30 years of Human Resource and Compliance experience.  Within the first 90 days of hiring us we’ll review and totally revamp your employee handbook, written policies and ensure all your required workplace postings are up to date.

We will help you navigate the trickiest issues your business may face when it comes to employees and your business, including constantly changing healthcare reform and ACA requirements. He’s got your back.

When it comes to providing Workers’ Comp and making safety a competitive edge for your company, nobody does it better than us. We offer on-the-ground support and training for your business, creates programs to prevent claims, processes and advocates for you when there are claims, and help your employees return to work as quickly as possible.

We can help make your Benefits offerings a strong point instead of something you’re embarrassed about. Even as a small business with only a few employees, you can offer fortune 500 caliber benefits and leverage them to recruit the talent you need. Plus he’ll take care of all of the complexities related to administering the benefits and making sure proper deductions etc. are taken care of.


  • We have a Guarantee… within the first 90 days, if you regret hiring him for any reason, he’ll return what you’ve paid him and will cover the costs of finding your next solution.
  • Even though our experience, expertise, certifications, and tools are valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can hire us for the price of one employee.
  • Those who hire us are happy with their decision. Over 90% of the companies that have hired us, keep us around for more than 5 years. More than a handful have kept him around for over 20 years!

Hiring a PEO is an easy way to outsource your administrative HR tasks while saving you time and money. At the cost of one average employee, Employers Resource is the smartest hire you can make. Whether you’re looking at hiring your first HR employee or you want to free up your current HR employees for more strategic tasks, a PEO is the ideal Manager of Employment for your business.

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