Is Entremanure Ruining Your Business Owner Mojo?

entremanure 1Nothing throws off your mojo while enjoying a beautiful day in the park like stepping in a fresh pile of smelly dog crap. It’s just annoying! After trying and failing to get it completely off your shoes, that smell stays with you, lingering. Now, you’re constantly surveying the grass, paranoid, miffed, trying to make sure you don’t accidentally find another smelly land mine.

We’ve been talking about ways you can find your business owner mojo. Next, we will be talking about the annoying small stuff that get’s in your way of being able to find and keep your mojo. The “stuff” that prevents your business from being able to survive and thrive and how you can avoid it.

Owning a business is one of the most challenging things a person can do, but there are heroes out there, like you, who choose to brave the storm and build something great. There’s never just one or two big things that make owning a business difficult. It’s the persistent layers of details, challenges, complexities, and small headaches day after day that seem to accumulate and begin to turn that once lucid american dream of yours into a dull memory.

What’s on Your Entremanure List?

Stop and think about it. How did you feel when you started your business? What did you dream about? What expectations did you have for your business? Why did you start it in the first place? What were your goals?

Now stop and make a list of the top things that have gotten in your way. Write down words that represent things that always seem to be there holding you back, stealing your enjoyment, and keeping your business from going where you’d like it to go.

Seriously — stop and make a list. Write them down.

This is your list of Entremanure.

Here you see the unpleasantries of owning your business. They are the manure that gets stuck to your boots while going after your dream. Examine the list. Some items on the list might be things like improving your product, improving profitability, landing that big contract, or improving your marketing strategy. These bigger items are things you can’t just make go-away quickly. But there’s probably some other stuff on that list… some smaller stuff… in fact, after working with business owners for over 30 years we’ll make an educated guess that there are a few things like monotonous administrative tasks, nagging details, paperwork, compliance and employee headaches and a bunch of other stuff we call Entremanure. Many business owners dreamed of doing what they love and later realize that “business stuff” and employee related headaches can make it difficult to enjoy doing what they love. It’s no longer a fun, sunny day in the park.

What if you could experience life without these items on the list? Wouldn’t that be nice!? You might think that’s impossible… but, what if it wasn’t?

entremanure 2Protecting Your Dream

That dream you had when you started your business is one of the most amazing things that exists in this great country. Seizing an opportunity. Dreaming up and then building something. Creating a product that you’re proud of or providing service that is truly legendary. Changing lives. Solving problems. The joy of being able to provide a livelihood for your employees. Helping others reach their dreams.

Your dream is worth protecting.

That’s why we think it’s worth asking yourself — “What’s getting in my way and how can I get rid of it?”

Keep the list you just created somewhere you’ll see it often. Add to it. Be conscious of these things, big or small, that always seem to be in your way and begin to think of ways that you can eliminate them. Revive, empower, and liberate your dreams.

entremanure 3Marching Past Entremanure

Follow along this month as we continue to dive into the common types of Entremanure. We’re now in the last month of the first quarter. How are your new year’s resolutions going? What is keeping you from being productive this year and reaching your goals for your business? How will you make progress? How will you work smarter instead of harder? How will you work on your business instead of in it? How will you enjoy less worry and stress?

Entremanure will happen, but you shouldn’t be constantly worried about stepping in it if you don’t have to. We want you to be able to run with your chin up, eyes forward, chasing your dreams. That’s our dream; to help you reach yours. Get rid of Entremanure in your life. Check out the 50+ solutions we offer employers to help you do just that.

Share your Entremanure list with us in the comments!

We want to hear about the most annoying “stuff” you experience while running your business! C’mon, it feels good to vent every once in a while…

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