How True Entrepreneurs Define ‘Employer’

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True entrepreneurs understand that building a successful business means that you will need to build a strong team. That team commonly consists of employees.

Hiring employees is an inevitable jump that most entrepreneurs end up making at some point along their journey.

The way entrepreneurs define employer and think about this transition plays a pivotal role in how successful their company and their team will be.

Making the Move From “Entrepreneur” to “Entrepreneur with Employees”

True entrepreneurs do not define themselves as employers when employees are introduced to their business. They understand that the act of employment and all the details that come with it should not be allowed to slow them down. They understand they have a unique set of skills and talents that can better serve their mission by keeping the “employer” role off of their shoulders.

Entrepreneurs define being an “employer” as something that they must deal with in more of a delegation way. They see it as something that they can find a partner, person, or team to take care of. This does not mean they are not a leader, a role model, or inspiration for their employees. They still closely interact with them on a daily basis and spend lots of time with them. They just don’t do the “employer” administrative stuff. They focus on the big stuff.

Employer Stuff is:

  • HR and Compliance
  • Payroll and Tax
  • Employee Benefits
  • Work Comp and Safety

These are critical tasks that someone must do. But, entrepreneurs just understand that it doesn’t have to be them. They let someone else do this stuff. So they can keep doing what they love and do best.

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