This is What a Great Idea Looks Like

Person looking into a foggy empty field. Title - What great ideas look like.

The choice to become an entrepreneur and start your own company is often preceded by a great idea. What is a great idea? How do you know when you’ve got one?

A great idea is something incredibly difficult to discover and then bear. Why? Because when you come up with a truly great idea, most of the time, people will hate it.

Not everyone will like your great ideas.

Coming up with a great idea means thinking for yourself. This is difficult. This is profound. Why? Because we want to be liked. Traveling this road doesn’t always lead to where everyone else is going.

We tell people what they want to hear because we want approval. This hinders our ability to think for ourselves and discover great ideas.

Try saying something that people don’t want to hear — create real value.

Great ideas are unique ideas.  

It’s also hard to figure out if this great idea is something that everybody doesn’t already know. If you think you have a great idea, and everyone else thinks that it’s a great idea, it’s probably low on the unique scale. Probably not great. It is also something that the megabot businesses are already going to churn out and will run you over before you even get started developing it.

Unconventional ideas are the winning ones. The unpopular ones.  

Even if you simply find a uniquely better way of doing something, it’s still your unique great idea. Take something conventional, and make it unconventional.

We live in a new age of great ideas. Before, when you had an idea and you wanted to look up what others say about it you had to go to libraries. Now, the internet is at your fingertips. You can google your ideas. See what others have said related to to it.  Instead of hours it takes seconds to check what the world has to say about it. This allows us to research a hunch immediately before wasting time and effort on a good idea that’s not great.

The most valuable contribution a person can make is a great idea.

If you are a small business who’s survived over 5 years, you probably had a great idea. Way to go! Are you thinking about acting on a great idea that you’re scared of? Great! You’re on to something. Act on it.

Use that library in your pocket. You can contribute. Search your ideas. Develop them.

The world is flatter than ever and yours for the taking.

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