Monday Motivation: Ultimate Mastery

Track runner about to start running on a track with an angry look on her face. Title - the relationship between Mastery & Motivation

We’ve been talking about Motivation a lot here lately. Most business owners possess enough self-motivation to spread around. But it can be tough to encourage the same among your employees. Intrinsic motivators are even more important than things like money and benefits.

Intrinsic motivators are the feelings you have that make you want to do something. Autonomy or the desire to direct your own life is one.

Another intrinsic motivator is called “Mastery”. It’s the desire to become better at something, to be the best at what you do. Mastery is a powerful driving force that gets entrepreneurs through long hours and sleepless nights. It’s what makes you think, “I can do this.” even when everybody else has gone home. But how can you develop the feeling of mastery among your employees? Here are a few ways you can improve a feeling of mastery among your employees.

  1. Enable Employees to do work that matters.
  2. Experiment frequently.
  3. Test every assumption.

It can be tough to inspire your employees to take ownership in their work and your company as if it meant as much to them as it does to you. You can’t expect them to work for free and you can’t expect them to make the same sacrifices you have made but you can encourage them to be the master of their niche at your company, whatever it may be. You can also reward them for embracing mastery and developing their skills in their industry.


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