Monday Motivation: Turn Monday Blues into Exciting Opportunities

Woman sitting at her desk, staring into her laptop with a frustrated look on her face. Her hands rest on the side of her face.

Mondays. Why are they so tough sometimes? Being an entrepreneur means you often work around the clock. You find yourself forced to mix family time and personal obligations amongst the demands of work. Over time, the ruthless schedule of a business owner can begin to wear down your drive. If you’re struggling to find motivation (Mondays anyone?), we know you can do this.

Dreams are worth chasing. Especially the American Dream.

Monday Motivation 

How many times have you woken up on Monday morning and wished desperately that you could rewind back to Saturday? Dan Zadra has a better idea. This author of motivational design books like 5: Where Will You Be Five Years From Today? argues that it only takes a quick switch of thought patterns to transform Mondays from dreaded weekend ruiners to exciting opportunities. If we dedicated each Monday to an exciting pursuit, he says, we could all accomplish a world of amazing things.

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“You have 260 Mondays over the next five years. What will you do with them?”

– Angela Prilliman

Left - same picture as above, with the woman at her laptop. right - same women, but with a surprised, happy look on her face now.


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