Hard Work is Always Worth it. Always.

Two people looking at sunset with quote - Men might not get all they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get. - Federick DouglassIt’s eight o’clock on a beautiful summer night and getting dark. As you flip off the last light switch and lock the door after your 6th 12 hour day in a row, for just a second you think, “Is this really worth it?” You briefly pause and observe the humble empire you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into building over the past few years and without hesitation you answer the question with a resounding… “yep!”

Truth is, pouring hard work into anything always seems to be worth it in the end.

There’s just something about putting in a hard days work, something about knowing you’ve left it all out on the field and given it everything you’ve got, something satisfying about working to build something. It’s just as much internal as it is external. You’re improving your business, your products, your services, but you’re also improving yourself.

Sure, sometimes you work hard and things don’t’ pan out. Businesses fail. Projects flop. Sales drop. The statement remains true. Pouring hard work into something, even the“failures,” is still worth it. Giving it everything you’ve got and failing is much more satisfying than going 75% and failing and thinking “I could’ve done more.”

So here’s to the the satisfaction that is not from doubling revenue, expanding territories, launching that new product, and all of those other cliche business goals. Here’s to the other (often more important) rewarding things about chasing your American Dream. Like putting in a hard days work.

Master something.
Make mistakes and learn something.
Become the best at something.
Build a good reputation after making the right (not the easy) decision thousands of times.
Build your American Dream.

When you lock up tonight and shut off that last light switch, know one thing… it was hard day’s work and you have no regrets.


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