You Don’t Always Have to Follow the Contract…

You Don't always have to live by the contractHave you ever been in a situation where the “written word” of a contract stated one thing, but the “right thing” to do was another?

As a business owner, you see a lot of written contracts and agreements. The letter of the law was originally designed to protect relationships. Today, it would be easy to believe they were created to take advantage of people.

Call it karma, juju, positive energy, or whatever you want, we call it believing in long term relationships and it’s one of our core values. As an employer, try not to cut ropes so they fray. Take care of the relationships you have with those you do business with. Ignore the formal agreement for the sake of doing what is right when you need to. It is ALWAYS the smartest move.

You don’t always have to decide to live by the contract…

…you do always have to live with your decisions.

In the business world, there is a toxic belief: “You cannot become successful without creating enemies.” Let’s fight this lie together and prove to other business owners, friends, competitors, and clients that success is much more than the size of your bank account. That the relationships a business maintains and protects is just as important as the bottom line. Every business owner ultimately wants happiness. If you can get this right, you will be in a much better position to actually enjoy owning a business.

In the long run, this will produce greater dividends than the quick dollar you make by treating people less than forthright.

Plan in quarters but think in years.

Have a great business day!


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