Are You an Entrepreneur or Professional Employer?

As you build a company and start finding success, you are sure to reach a point where you simply cannot handle any more work without bringing in additional help. When this happens, you end up hiring employees. It is exciting to grow your business and bring more people on board to work toward achieving your vision. However, it has its costs in the form of increased logistics, paperwork, responsibility, and liability.

Before you hired any employees, you could devote your time to actually taking care of  day-to-day operations and making your vision for the company a reality. However, the addition of employees necessitates some of your time moving away from this in order to do whatever is needed to make sure your employees are taken care of and your business can grow.

Define Your Role: Entrepreneur or Professional Employer

The larger your company becomes, and with each additional employee you hire, more and more of your time is going to be diverted to these administrative tasks, away from your overall goals of delivering value to your clients or customers. In order to keep yourself from being completely pulled away from the reasons you started your business in the first place, you need to decide how you want to define your role in the company.

Do you want to be defined by the fact you employ people, or by the vision you have for your company? Are you an entrepreneur or professional employer?

What Do You Want to Be a Professional At?

If you want to be a professional employer, then this shift toward administration and logistics is one that you will find rewarding. It seems safe to say, however, that most people do not go into business to become a professional employer. In fact, the idea of paperwork and administrative tasks seem largely at odds with the entrepreneurial spirit required to take the bold steps toward starting your own business.

Employees are a means to the end of increasing the scale of your business, but the additional responsibilities and administration that come along with them can become distractions from achieving the goals you have for your business. In order to get back to the role you were meant to have in your business, and continue advancing your vision along with your employees, you need to find a way to stop being a professional employer and get back to where you were when the company started.

One way to do this is to leave this  job to an actual professional employer in the form of a PEO. By letting a PEO handle all the concerns and responsibilities that becoming an employer has brought, you can get back to the things that are really important for your business. Every minute you no longer have to spend worrying about paperwork, employee benefits, or staying up to date on constantly evolving government compliance issues, you will be able to spend actually focusing on your company again.

You will have the time necessary to get back to what you do best, leading your company and delivering the products and service your clients and customers expect. That way, you can continue to grow your business and fulfill the vision you started with, without worrying about the responsibilities that get in the way of that happening.

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