It All Begins With a Dream

spirit of entrepreneurship spark blog feature imageThe first spark of the entrepreneurial spirit always begins as a dream.

Do you have a dream? Something that you know you were just born to do/accomplish?

Dreams can be hard to recognize if you were never encouraged to dream. Sadly, lots of people were discouraged to dream as children, or they have simply forgotten how to dream.

I met someone recently in a training I was assisting with who didn’t think it was possible to achieve his dream. He had actually given the dream up. Called it a lost cause. Life had crept in and consumed most of his time and resources. When I offered a couple of possible ways that he may at least begin to prepare to begin chasing his dream, his face lit up. I swear he glowed. His smile was infectious. I knew he felt the spark. He was instantly already living “his dream” and he had only just begun to even consider it a real possibility.

That’s how it is when you are in sync with your dream.
Inspired. Worthy. Energized and yet peaceful. Sounds good, huh?

When I close my eyes and see me “in my dream” I am standing tall, legs slightly spread, head up and arms stretched out wide as if in surrender to the moment. I see this look when I watch some of the YouTube clips of Britain’s/America’s got Talent. Like this one…

My dream? My dream is to fully embrace The American Dream.

That means livin’ it and helping you live it also. I hope you’ll come back here to catch up with me often. I am going to be talking a lot about how we all make this incredible journey together. Let’s get to livin’ the dream!

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