7 Reasons to Emancipate Yourself from Business Owner Burnout

business owner burnoutBusiness owner burnout is a common symptom for employers who don’t strategically protect their time and focus for things that help them stay mentally, spiritually, and physically fit while running a business.

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Freedom is one of the biggest motivators for many entrepreneurs who decide to become their own boss. Sadly, for many employers, when they begin to have employees this American Dream quickly turns into being imprisoned by compliance details and HR headaches that end up controlling them. Holiday weekends like this coming 4th of July weekend are a great time to consider how you’re doing with this battle to emancipate yourself from these HR related time and focus dictators.

Are tasks like payroll, tax compliance, employment law, workers’ compensation, and general HR details controlling your time and focus? We are passionate about keeping this American Dream alive for business owners and helping them stay free of compliance headaches to live the life they want to live. It is time to run your business instead of it running you.

If you’re not enjoying the freedom you dreamed of when you started the business, we encourage you to keep fighting for it!

Here’s 7 Reasons to Fight For Your Freedom and Avoid Business Owner Burnout

business owner burnout family
1. Family

Most Americans, not just entrepreneurs, say that family is “the most important, most satisfying element of their lives.”  This is according to Pew Research Center in 2010. Make it to that play at your daughter’s school or your son’s football game. Have dinner with your parents or grandparents. Make it to those family events you have been sacrificing for the business. Be complete there when you are at your home because you aren’t worried about what’s going on at work. Make a choice to keep your family a priority and don’t cut the rope of this anchor in your life. It will improve your life and help you be refreshed and avoid burnout.

2. Friends

Investing more time and energy in people you care about is never a bad idea. Friends are critical for a person to feel supported and fulfilled in life. Most business owners would love to have even a few extra minutes to quickly connect with a friend over the phone, or to have a quick coffee and a conversation. Friends keep people grounded and spending time with them is another great reason to fight for more time away from your business.

business owner burnout hobbie3. Hobbies

Just a few minutes a day spent doing something just for the sake of enjoyment greatly increases your happiness. Especially hobbies that get you outside in the sunshine and the fresh air. It works even better to combine this with exercise. Get outdoors, whether it is walking, riding, playing or running. This has a big impact on your happiness. If your hobby doesn’t take you outside it is still helpful to find a hobby that allows you spend time doing something that takes your mind off of all the details that business owners stress about.

business owner burnout exercise4. Exercise

Exercise is about a lot more than being in good physical shape. It is about being happy. It has been proven that you only need 7 minutes of exercise a day for the purpose of being happier. 7 minutes will allow enough time to release the endorphins  necessary to feel the “runner’s high” just from moving around. Make it a priority and get out and move around. Even entrepreneurs should be able to carve out 7 minutes of their day.

5. Perspective

Remember why you started your business? Have you lost sight of your values or passion that you so enthusiastically pursued when you started your business? Having some time to take a step back and put everything in perspective is so important to continue to have meaning in your work. Being satisfied with your work is very closely tied to whether you feel you’re making a difference and using your talents and passions in the best way possible. Regain clarity of your vision for your business and work and why you do what you do. People can work hard all day long and continue to feel refreshed and hopeful when they feel their work is meaningful. Take the time you need to get a grip on this for you and your company.

6. Community

Helping others is one of the best ways to help yourself. Get involved with your community and find ways you can contribute to the happiness of other people in your community. This improves your sense of self-worth and belonging. Professional associations, athletic groups, church groups, charity groups, political, or anything else, find a way to get involved  and contribute to the community.

business owner burnout rest7. Rest

Sleep is one incredibly practical and important reason to have more time at your disposal. A lack of sleep will throw fuel on the fire of business owner burnout. Sometimes creating times of rest and relaxation can be just as beneficial as sleep. Cut out something in your day that is not critical if it means you’ll be able to get the rest you need. Re-charge your batteries and they’ll be there when you need them.

If these reasons sound pretty good to you, we’d love to talk about how we help you make this happen. We wish everyone a happy 4th of July!

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