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Download the W2 vs 1099: An Apples and Oranges Comparison Guide for Employers

W2 Vs 1099 Difference Ebook cover. Picture with an apple and orange

Confused about the differences between employees and independent contractors, and why it’s important to know the difference?

What you need to know about W2 vs 1099 to
stay out of hot water.

This guide will help you understand the differences between W2 vs 1099 employees and independent contractors so that you can make the best choice for your business while remaining 100% compliant.

  • Why know the difference?
  • What is the difference?
  • What obligations do employers have?
  • What laws and regulations are important?
  • What is so bad about misclassification?
  • How do different agencies view the difference?

This is your essential guide to everything you need to know about W2 vs 1099.

In this ebook, you’ll learn about the differences between W2 VS 1099. We’ll take a look at classifying employees and classifying independent contractors, as well as how different agencies view these classifications so you can be sure to avoid mistakes.

We will also debunk some common myths about independent contractors, and tell you why misclassifying independent contractors is such a big deal, so that you can avoid landing in real trouble with state and federal government.