One business, One PEO Package, and One Thankful Family

The following is a letter sent to our founders, George and Mary, from Paul Wickman, Employers Resource Account Manager in Houston.

Friday afternoon, Sept 5, John Ellison (Employers Resource Safety/Risk Manager) and I went out to meet with one of my clients to present the owners their first Safety Award Certificate and credit for $128.

While meeting with them, one of the owners began to relate a sad story about one of their employees, a 57 year old male, who was found dead in his apartment a week before, apparently dying in his sleep some three days before he was found.   What made the story even sadder was that he had no will and no life insurance policy, leaving his grown children with little choice but to order his cremation in order to reduce costs with no funeral service to be held.  While the brother of the deceased employee was meeting with the female owner several days later, she suddenly remembered that her account manager (me) had told her when they were signing up with ERM that each employee was covered by an Accident Policy, AD&D coverage and Life Insurance Policy under the Bronze Package for which she (the Company) was paying for each employee.  She couldn’t remember the exact amount, but I had her reach out to her Client Service Coordinator, Kate, and she was delighted to hear that it was a $20,000 Life Policy.

When the brother, and children, heard this great news, they were able to change the burial plans, incorporate a funeral service and complete all the other plans they thought they weren’t going to be able to do initially.  Additionally, it turns out that although he signed all the forms, he failed to designate any beneficiaries.   Kate and the Employers Resource staff are working to complete this process at this time.

The owner was so grateful that we had included that coverage for her employees that she thanked us while we were there and then asked me to contact Kate and have her check to make sure the other employees had completed the beneficiary portion of the coverage as well.

We now have a very satisfied client who has seen first hand the real value of the Bronze Package coverage and how Employers Resource helped one family in particular overcome a very huge problem.

Thank you, George and Mary, for offering our clients the very finest in service and value!”

A small seed of kinds you plant today

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