The ABCs of Business Protection

Image of the ABC's of Business Protection. A - Administrative Burdens, B - Business Costs, C - Compliance risks

While talking with business leaders who are looking into the PEO solution we often talk about something called the ABCs of business protection.

It’s a simple way to summarize how a PEO helps protect your business.


As your PEO, Employers Resource will protect your company from:

A is for administrative burdens

Administrative burdens that take your attention away from growing your business. Don’t let daily, mundane hassles slow you down. Turn those headaches over to us!

B is for business costs

Business costs which hurt your profitability. Workers’ compensation, health benefits and employee lawsuits will all cost you money. Employers Resource provides the proven tools to cut your expenses and put money back in your pocket where it belongs.

C is for compliance risks

Compliance risks that endanger your ability to stay in business. Federal, state and local governments all have rules and legislation which can have an impact on your business. Employers Resource identifies, mitigates and manages each of these potentially devastating compliance risks for you.

There you have it. We’re still working on a song to go with it, but for now this will have to work. 🙂

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