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PEO Companies [From our Payroll Solutions eBook]

If you’re researching which payroll solution is right for your business this is where you want to start. From payroll software, all-in-one HR software, payroll services, in-house staff, payroll processors, or professional employer organizations, when it comes to payroll solutions, you’re not short on options.

In our newest eBook, Payroll Solutions: Finding the Best Fit, you’ll find a round-up of the six most common and why they may or may not be the best fit for your company.

We have been posting individual sections of this eBook here on our blog, starting a few weeks ago with our sections on payroll software, all-in-one HR software, Finance Professionals, and In-House Payroll, Payroll Processing, and finishing up today with our final section on PEO companies!

If you would like to see the whole thing, you can read it here, and even download it as a free PDF!


Perhaps, more so than any other payroll solution on the list so far, by working with a PEO, you will be able to worry less about payroll and more about running your business. Come payroll time, we will accomplish these things for your business:

  1. Consistent and accurate deductions and withholdings.
  2. Getting payroll processed and out on time.
  3. Compliance with state employment compensation and tax laws.
  4. Timely tax deposits and Quarterly Tax filings.

We listen to your concerns and needs and provide you a payroll solution that is made just for you and will help your business in other key areas beyond simple payroll duties. It is important to have a partner that can also advise you and help you make key decisions that help with other important compliance and HR risk factors. All included in one simple price and one vendor.

Need multi-state payroll processing?

We are experienced and licensed in all 50 states and our services are ready to scale with your business. We are proud of our simple and transparent client service agreement. When you use Employers Resource as your payroll services provider, you get a partner who truly cares about your business and protecting your dreams and your employees’ dreams.

Our PEO Payroll administration will save you time and liability costs by not only taking payroll off your already full plate, but doing so with the expert knowledge and years of experience to avoid costly mistakes and errors. By partnering with us, not only will you have the peace of mind that your payroll will be done correctly, but so will your employees. Being able to give your employees the security and confidence to know their paycheck will arrive on time and without any errors is one of the best ways to improve employee morale and build a strong and healthy company culture.

We want you to be able to relax and forget about all the details related to payroll and get back to running your business. Choose Employers Resource for your PEO service partner and take the stress out of payroll and all of your other HR administrative tasks.

Who a PEO is Great For

  • Companies with employees in multiple states.
  • Want to have all administrative tasks related to employees handed-off to one vendor.
  • Companies with 5-250 employees.
  • Don’t want to worry about racking up bill, have a buffet of HR services available when needed.
  • A small business owner that wants an HR and payroll solution that includes the experience and assistance they need with the personal touch of actual human experts.

Who a PEO is Not Great For

  • Companies who only want payroll and do not want other HR services.
  • Companies with 500+ employees.
  • Companies with less than 5 employees.
  • If you have primarily hourly/low wage employees sometimes the % the PEO takes out of each check is just too hard to swallow from a budget standpoint.
  • Some companies with certain high risk work comp class codes will not be eligible.
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