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Employee Payroll: All About Access

Today we expect to have the information we want quickly and easily. We also expect to have this information at our fingertips in digital form on whatever device we have in our hands at any time.

Your employees are no different. They expect information that is important to them to be readily accessible when and where they want to see it as it relates to their employment at your company. This sounds easy enough until you are talking about sensitive personal information that involves lots of complexity. Security becomes an issue. Access becomes an issue.

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Thankfully, business owners today have technology that allows your employees to access their personal information safely and readily. Instead of Sally knocking on your door constantly about how much PTO or Sick time she has available for her vacation that she has been planning for the past 6 months, she can quickly login to a secure portal and answer her own questions. This frees up your valuable time and makes your employees happy.

Info To Give Employees Access To

As a PEO, Employers Resource will give you access to tools like EZ Pay that will allow you to empower each of your employees with access to information they need like:

  1. Pay Stubs – Simply accessing a record of pay stubs is very useful for a variety of reasons
  2. W-2’s
  3. Tax Information – What are you claiming? Need to make a changes?
  4. How much vacation (PTO) you have? How much have you used?
  5. Sick Time- How much do you have? How much have you used?
  6. Status of Benefits – How much are you contributing to your HRA and/or Flex Child Care
  7. Savings Plans- How much have you saved in your Vacation and Christmas plans? How much has been paid out?

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Payroll solutions like this for your business will save you time (stop and think about how many questions you’re asked about the above info every week) . It will save you money and it is attractive to potential employees, meanwhile retaining the employees that you have by making their lives easier.

Payroll and Paperless

[newsletter_cta align=left]Our EZ Pay system allows employees to see and print their information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They don’t have to wait for the office to open, or call you over the weekend, or bug your bookkeeper. Its instant and its paperless so they don’t have to wait for snail mail to have a copy sent. The information they need with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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